..beautifully simple, source controlled, dynamic DNS for your Cloudflare served applications..


Maintaining the connection between your application's code and domain.

Set and Forget

Set once and let us worry about keeping your DNS records in sync. Re-deployed to a new server? No problem - we'll ensure your DNS records are always current.

Built into source

If it's not in Git, it doesn't exist. Bring Dynamic DNS right into your source code. As updates only require a simple GET request, you can build that right in.

Updates when it matters

Changes happen, and that's okay. Once we detect an IP change, we'll immediately update your Cloudflare records so you can continue to access your server.

Keep in the know

We don't do anything without letting you know. Each time we change a Cloudflare DNS record's IP address, we'll notify you straight away.

Beautifully simple

Once up and running, you'll get a single unique URL per domain added - all we ask is that you regularly poll this URL from your server and we'll do the rest. Using Laravel? Then read on..

Built with Laravel, for Laravel.

We believe that Laravel, coupled with Laravel Forge, make for an incredibly powerful deployment workflow. If you share this sentiment, and use Cloudflare, you're deployment just got that much easier..

With the LaraDNS Laravel package, you gain access to the DNS update Artisan CLI command - which when paired with Laravel's fluent scheduler, can have you automating Cloudflare DNS updates within minutes.

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